Poured epoxy floors for basements, garages, warehouses & commercial spaces – any type of cement application.

POURED EPOXY FLOORS are ideal for Basements, Garages, Warehouses & Commercial spaces – any type of cement application.

The epoxy produces a hard, chemical and solvent resistant finish. It is typically used on concrete and steel in order to make the surface resistant to water, acids and alkali.

LTN Inc installs the highest quality floor with the best materials available. The are multiple colors and textures to choose from, giving the floor a great look with unmatched durability.

All of our floors are 100% epoxy with decorative aggregate- Quartz Decorative Flooring, Chip Decorative Flooring, ¼ Inch Epoxy Flooring, ¼ Inch Thermal Shock and Chemical Resistant Flooring. 

LTN also specializes in poured EPOXY APPLICATION for Residential & Commercial uses, such as poured bar tops.